Applications listed below support MPTCP natively since the version that is mentioned. Please note that other apps can be forced to use it by following these instructions.

Linux apps


Name Version Comment
Syzkaller Feb 2020 Can exercise MPTCP sockets and Netlink APIs
TCPDump 4.5.0 Can decode MPTCP options in TCP packets
Wireshark 4.2.4 Can decode and filter MPTCP options

MacOS apps

Name Version How to use
iperf3-darwin 11.0 --apple-multipathsvc
SSH OpenSSH-281.40.2 applemultipath option
Shellfish ? Settings / Advanced / 🌍 Multipath TCP


Name Version
Open MPTCP Router v0.60

Add native MPTCP support

Do not hesitate to add native MPTCP support in more apps! For some ideas, feel free to look at this spreadsheet.


Please open a new pull request or an issue if you know any other apps with a community of users and supporting MPTCP natively.